In The News 11-13-15

Amazon Opens A Physical Bookstore

Amazon, the online bookselling giant who pioneered digital books is getting physical. The company has opened an actual brick and mortar location in Seattle.


The store will have around 6,000 titles on the shelves and hopes to use the same methods it employs to determine your reading interests when you buy online¬† and apply them to stocking the right inventory for the bookstore. They’ll combine Amazon and Goodreads ratings as well as data about online pre-orders to guess what will go over well with customers.

The prices for books in the store will match the online prices.

Windows 10 Passes XP and OS X

According to numbers from StatCounter, Windows 10 is steadily growing since its introduction in late July, and has now passed Windows XP and Max OS X.¬† According to their figures around 10% of PCs are running Windows 10. That’s slightly more than the 9% running OS X. Windows XP is also found on just under 9% of PCs.


Window 8.1 is running on about 13% of PCs, and Windows 8 on just around 3%. Windows 7 still reigns supreme at 50% of the market, nearly a 5% drop since July and the introduction of Windows 10.

Apple Watch Closes In On 7 Million In Sales

Apple Watch it king of the wearables according to data from Canalys. They sat the company has shipped nearly 7 million Apple Watches since April, far ahead of the rest of the smartwatch pack.


Apple posted its biggest profit ever for a fiscal year in October, raking $53.4 billion dollars.

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