Help! I Can’t Access App Store In Windows 10

Gerald is having a problem accessing the Windows store in Windows 10. He writes:

I upgraded from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10 in August. I have been unable to access Windows apps from the Windows store. They will show that they have been loaded and that I own the app but the apps will not open. They are blacked out on the all apps menu.

I have ran the apps troubleshooter and no problems were found. Windows 10 updates are up to date as are all drivers.

I have received two error codes after trying to open an app. (0X8E5E0408 & 0X80070002.)

I have a AMD FX ™ – 4130 Quad processor 3.80GHz with 8MB of RAM 4MG usable. I am on a 64 bit Operating System.

Any idea why I cannot open downloaded apps?

I’m concerned that your user account may have become corrupted. I’d suggest creating another account, logging on with that one and checking to see if apps will download and install properly.

Here’s how to add an account in Windows 10. Open your Start Menu and click on Settings.

Then choose Accounts:

Choose Family & other users.

Choose Add a family member.

Pick Add an adult. You can use an alternate e-mail address for this now instead of your Microsoft account.

Windows will walk you through the setup, just make sure you don’t restrict the account . Once the account is finished, just log on to your PC and go to the Windows store and test it out.

You will probably be able to download and install apps.

~ Cynthia

* I heard back from Gerald and this fix did indeed solve his problems.

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  1. Another thing that worked for me was to completely uninstall the app – even if you think it is gone it may still be there, so I used CCleaner to dig it out and then clear the registry too. Then back to the store and was able to download the new/old app with no trouble. And it works.

  2. Could you please point me to information on how to adjust touch pad sensitivity and also stop the automatic adjusting of screen size when viewing websites? Since I’ve installed windows 10, these items ‘adjust’ automatically. Another problem: the cursor locks and I have to keep hitting the touchpad until it finally moves again. THank you. I have an HP computer.

  3. I would love to try this however I can not access the start menu settings part. I have to right click to open the menu and it does not have everything on it. the settings being one of them.

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