How Do I Back Up My iPad?

Yasmine needs some help. She writes “How do you back up an iPad please? HELP!

I’m going to assume you’re talking about an actual iPad purchased from Apple and not using that as a generic name for a tablet.


Well, the good news is that you’re probably already backed up thanks to Apple and their iCloud. Any app purchases you’ve made are remembered by the Apple App store. Should anything happen to your tablet, you can simply get another iPad, log in to the App Store using your Apple ID and re-download any of your purchases.

The same is true for any music purchased via iTunes as well as your book and movie purchases from Apple. Now if you use your iPad to read Kindle books or listen to another music service, your data is still backed up by that service. So if your iPad were lost or broken, you could just re-download your Kindle app and have instant access to your purchases.

As far as your e-mail account, any mail you access on your iPad should still be available on the server for your mail provider unless you’ve deleted it. So if you need a new iPad, just set your mail account up again.

But to quickly have all of your information such as contacts, apps, e-mail etc… in one place, you’ll want to do a backup. You can do this through the iCloud or by using iTunes.

To do it using iCloud, you’ll need to go to Settings – then iCloud then Backup and turn the iCloud backup on. Then tap on Back Up Now.


Once you’ve turned the iCloud Backup on, it will automatically back up your device daily as long as your device is connected to a power source and WiFi and the screen is locked and the device not in use.

To make a backup in iTunes, you’ll need to connect your device to a computer that has iTunes already installed and opened.

You can back up items from the app store by choosing, File then Devices and then Transfer purchases.  If you can’t see a file menu hold down Ctrl + B.


Should anything happen to your device and you need to set up a new one with your information, it’s a fairly simple process.

If you’re using the iCloud backup, when you turn on a device for the first time and join a Wi-Fi network, you’ll see the option to Set Up Device.

Then choose Restore from an iCloud Backup and sign into your iCloud Account. You’ll be able to look through your saved backups and choose the one you want to use.

To restore from iCloud on a device that’s already set up, you’ll need to go through Setup Assistant, erase all the content on your device and set it up again.

To restore from iTunes, plug your tablet in to the computer you backed it up on and open iTunes.

Choose File, Devices and then Restore from backup. If you’re using Windows you may need to press the Alt key to see the file.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

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