In The News 11-20-2015

Is The iPad Pro Keyboard A Flop?

Apple is getting ambitious with the iPad Pro, hoping to set it up to challenge the Surface Pro 4 as a laptop replacement, but so far reviews of the $170 optional keyboard have been harsh.


It was criticized for not being backlit and for having clunky keys and no trackpad. The lack of a good keyboard could be a major hurdle for the iPad Pro. Though there are third party options out there like Logitech’s keyboard that actually costs less than Apple’s.

New Apple Watch Planned For 2016

Apple is also ready to launch a new version of another product that received mixed reviews, its Apple Watch.

Reports say a second generation model is already in development and may be ready by next fall. The company has already shipped more than an estimated 7 million of the smartwatch.

Microsoft Lets You Test Drive New Office Features

If you’d like to test-drive the latest features for Microsoft Office, the company is offering you the chance to be an Office Insider.


If you already subscribe to Office 365 Home, Personal or University, you can receive pre-release builds of the new features for Office 2016 for your PC. Your input also helps shape the future of office, because changes will be made to these features based on user feedback.

Click here for more information about joining the program.

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