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Helaine is switching computers and wants to know how to back up her files.  She writes: “I am buying a new computer and have to back up files and send the old files to the new computer. I am going from Microsoft to Apple. I have many files, over 1000 songs, 55 documents, etc.


Helaine it’s very similar to the process between of transferring files between two Windows PCs. You could copy your files to a large flash drive and then plug that flash drive into the USB port on your Mac. An icon will appear on the desktop and you can then open and choose the files you want to transfer.


You could also use an external hard drive, but it must be one that is Mac-compatible. The flash drive transfer will only work if your Mac has a USB port. Some only feature the USB C port.

You could also consider using a cloud storage account like OneDrive or DropBox to transfer your data.

But your best bet may be to use the Windows Migration Assistant for your new Mac. You’ll need to know the administrator password on your PC before you begin.

Your Mac and Your PC both need to be on your home network or hooked together with an Ethernet cable.

Click here to download the Windows Migration Assistant to your PC.

Then open the program and choose “Continue.”


On your Mac, open Migration Assistant from your utilities folder. Choose the option to transfer From a Windows PC.


You’ll need to enter your Windows username and password and then click Continue. Choose your PC from the list of available computers and then wait until your PC displays a passcode.


Once both computers display the same pass code, click Continue.


The Mac will then scan the drive and you can select which items you want to transfer.


You can transfer e-mail contacts, calendar information, Internet Explorer bookmarks, iTunes content, pictures, system settings like language and location, music, and documents.

Migration Assistant will let you know when the transfer is done. Make sure to check your new Mac to make sure all the files you need have transferred before getting rid of your old PC.

~ Cynthia

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