Has your posture been droopy lately? Need something to reduce back pain? Well, now there will soon be an app (and a shirt) for that. The TruPosture “smart shirt” is the first shirt made to improve posture and reduce back pain.

The TruPosture Smart Shirt is a lightweight sensor¬embedded undershirt which syncs up with the custom TruPosture mobile tracking app.


This shirt features a patented multi-sensor technology tracks the alignment of the entire spine, the TruPosture system will train the wearer with feedback through visual displays (via the mobile app or website) and gentle vibrations to help the wearer achieve and maintain their ideal posture. The TruPosture shirt is created with soft, breathable and anti-microbial Lycra blend fabric.

This app works with the shirt system through interaction users receive like gentle electronic reminders to straighten their back – one vibration burst if the user is leaning too forward and two vibration bursts if they are leaning too far back. The nanosensors in the shirt continuously measure spine alignment from the neck down to the pelvis in order to provide constant and immediate posture improvement data.

The TruPosture system features multiple posture training modes such as standing, sitting, and custom and is adjustable to beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to help the wearer “train” their back into the correct posture. Wearers are able to save and recall multiple posture references as the system has extended recording capability to allow users to review their posture performance over time. In addition, the data gathered can be shared with the wearer’s medical professionals with the user’s permission and can easily integrate with popular fitness trackers for monitoring of daily activities and training progress.

Get the system at half price through the funding campaign (http://igg.me/at/truposture-smart-shirt) plus Other rewards include early adopter pricing and TruPosture systems bundles for gifts packages, physical therapists and chiropractors. More than 31 million Americans suffer from back pain, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Health experts say that as much as 80% of the population will have some kind of back problem in their lives.


Adela Health is a team of like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators with a passion for developing cutting‐edge wearable fitness and health devices. The company was founded by Dan Ikoyan who was inspired by his own struggle with bad posture and back pain. Adela Health combines its own patent portfolio with the latest advances in sensors and fabrics to create products for active posture management, remote monitoring, and sports training. TruPosture™ is the company’s first product aimed at helping people around the world suffering from bad posture and back pain every day.

– Michael Siebenaler