A reader is worried about printer compatibility. “I am considering going to Windows 10. However, I have heard that some printers are not covered in their use. I have Epson printers Artisan 1430, XP-600 and NX 230, plus otheres that I would need to have operating. Will Windows 10 support these printers?”

My printer works just fine with Windows 10 and it’s over 10 years old. It will depend on the printer.  Have you gone to Epson’s website to check if they have Windows 10 drivers available for your model?
You’ll be able to select the printer.
Then which version of Windows 10 you’ll be using and your connection type.
Epson then displays a driver update and utilities package that will work with your printer on Windows 10.
Then you click “accept” and download the software. This only covers Epson printers, but you’ll find that the manufacturers of other brands also offer similar tools.
~ Cynthia