How Do I Drag Items To Folders In Windows 10?

Mark is having an issue moving files in Windows 10   “I like to drag files from one folder to another folder. I haven’t found a way to have two different folders open at the same time. Say I took pictures and want to copy them off my photo card say photos 2,3,7,14,22,27 to another folder. Of course, I know to hold the control key to select them. (Which you taught me.) Is there a way to drag them to the folder I want? How do you have more than one folder open at a time?”

You can move files into a folder without it being open. I opened a flash drive and my pictures folder with two test folders in two separate windows in Windows Explorer and was able to drag images from the flash drive to the folder.


The problem here is that once I drop the file, the folder opens to show the contents. So I’d need to open up multiple instances of File Explorer. One for the flash drive and one for each folder I want to drop to.  The solution is a simple one. Instead of dragging the images into the folders contained in various windows I’ve opened in File Explorer, I can open the flash drive in file explorer and then drop the images using the file tree on the left side. Since the files I want are under Pictures, I click the chevron next to Pictures.


Then I can see all of the file folders.


Then I can select the images I want on the right and drag them into the desired folders without having to continually open folders.


Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia

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  1. As of 11-28-15 (3) readers have ‘dissed’ this article. I personally find it accurate, concise and relevant including ‘shortcuts’ not found elsewhere.
    This is an excellent addition to my “#1 Windows10-Guide” appendix:
    PS; Always interesting to see inside Cyn’s ‘picture folder file’; ‘walmartjammies’; ‘wereallmadhere’; ‘whitewine’; defenitely peaks our interest, bet ‘Cyn’s Novels’ are really worth a looksee!

  2. what program!! Nothing I do can I make it do what you did. Doesn’t even look the same. Lost ALL my folders and nothing I do brings up any way where I can even add to make a folder.

  3. Right click on any folder and select OPEN IN NEW WINDOW. You used to be able to open multiple folders easily, but now it is buried under the Right-Click choices. Also check out the Task View Icon (a small square with a small rectangle on each side – like a square butterfly. This allows you to ADD a new task list. You can open up multiple folders in each Task List you have open.

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