Facebook notifications are bothering John. He writes:   “On the second line of Facebook, there are five signs. The one that looks like the Western World is Notifications.  How do you empty or delete all of those entries? Or is it like Quicken you can ask the question, but they will never answer it. Oh, sorry on an Android phone. Yes I did do a look up on Facebook, but.. It didn’t work or they have a different Notification in mind.”

There are actually two kinds of notifications at work with your Android Facebook app. You have the internal app notifications. When there are new ones, you’ll see number next to the globe icon.


Click on that globe and you’ll see a list of notifications. Tap the notification and you’ll be taken to the post it references.


You can’t clear the notifications, but once you check the notifications, the red number disappears until you have new ones.   So you can pretty much just ignore it unless you see notifications. I actually like the ability to go back and look at previous notifications in case there’s something I’d like to look at again.

If you find you are getting a bunch of notifications about a post that you really don’t care about (maybe you commented or liked it), you can tap the down arrow in the upper-right of the post and choose to turn off notifications.



The other type of notifications are those delivered to your mobile device. They may take the form of icons on your lock screen or your device might vibrate or make a sound to notify you.

To turn these off, tap your menu button on the upper right of your screen.


Scroll down to app settings and tap.


Then tap Notifications.


You can turn off all notifications or adjust which type of notifications you want and how you want to be alerted about them.


This does not affect the internal notifications in the Facebook app. You’ll still see the little red number next to the globe. But unless you get a notification, there’s no need to open it up to look at them.