How To Prevent Bundleware From Showing Up On Your Computer

Have you ever opened your Internet browser only find a new toolbar installed and a random homepage opening up? Or worse discovered a program on your computer that you never installed? If so, then you’d be surprised to know that it probably got onto your computer by piggybacking on legit software you intended to install.

I’m guessing your next question is “How could something like that happen?”


Well, developers who distribute free software or freeware have development and maintenance costs, and with economics being what they are, many developers bundle up a third-party developers’ software with their software for a fee that the third-party developer pays. That way developers can afford to keep their software free.

But the problem lies in the fact that a majority of third party software (bundleware or crapware) is junk that you would never use. Worse, there have been cases where third-party developers have snuck in adware and spyware into their software- something you definitely don’t want on your computer.

Now, if you’re the cautions kind and carefully click your way through a software installation process you might be able to uncheck potentially unwanted programs from being installed, but most of us having installed software numerous times on our computers and usually end up hitting the ‘Next/Agree’ button blindly during an installation process, only to discover that ‘new toolbar’ later on.

Fortunately, there’s a program called Unchecky that can help fix this.

Unchecky is a program that runs quietly in the background and monitors programs you install on your computer. If a program tries to sneak in bundled up software Unchecky will simply deselect the option for you. Thereby preventing any bundled up software from installing itself on your computer.

To install Unchecky on your computer go to – and click on the big orange download button you see on the homepage.



Once you have the program downloaded onto your computer, install it like you would install any other program.



That’s it. Unchecky is now installed and will automatically start when your computer starts up and monitor software installations for you.


As you can see from the screenshots below, Unchecky automatically unchecks potentially unwanted software from being installed on your computer and warns you if you are about to install an unwanted program.

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Happy downloading!


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