In The News 11-27-15

Google Relaunches Google +

Google + was supposed to be a Facebook killer, but despite mandatory membership (you had to have an account to access many Google services), it never did catch on. Now, Google is relaunching the service dividing it into two parts, “Communities” and “Collections.”


Communities are simply groups that bring together folks with similar interest like literature or a hobby to talk about that subject.  Collections pull together content aimed at a special interests.  Google recently broke off Google +’s  most popular feature, Photos, and also no longer requires that you sign up to use You Tube.

Facebook Wants To Help You Break Up

Forget calling your friends, Facebook is here for you in your time of need after a breakup. The company is introducing a new set of tools to help you call it quits.  If you switch your status to single, you’ll be offered the chance to make some changes to your profile.


If you’re still friends with the ex, it will offer to let you see less of that person. You can also limit which of your posts your former honey can see and change your privacy setting if you choose. You’ll also be able to go back and untag yourself from that persons posts and photos.

Windows Turns 30

The Windows operating system has not turned 30 years old. While it was announced in 1983, it didn’t ship until late November of 1985.


It included familiar features like  file manager, calendar, notepad, calculator and clock, Paint and Write, plus the Reversi game. It wasn’t cheap either. It was $99, the equivalent of $221 today, which is roughly what Windows 10 pro would cost you today, if you aren’t eligible for the free upgrade.

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  1. Cynthia you forgot that Windows 1 was a piece of junk that no one would/could use. It wasn’t until release 3.1 that a version of Windows was published that was actually useful.

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