In The News 12-04-15

Amazon Shows Off Its Delivery Drones

Check out this photo of the drone Amazon hopes will be zipping packages to your house in less than half an hour.


The company hopes these drones will deliver package under five pounds to businesses and residences within five miles of where they are deployed. The drones will have a special “sense and avoid” technology to avoid crashing into things.

Amazon is currently testing drones in the U.S., UK and Israel. But they aren’t the only ones in on the drone delivery trend. Walmart is also planning to test out drones.

Man Wants 8 Grand For Wiped Phone

How much is the contents of your phone worth? A British man thinks it’s worth almost $8000 dollars. He’s suing an Apple Store because they reset his phone and he lost photos, videos and his contacts.

Apparently he ignored the number one rule of owning electronic devices, which is to back up all of your information.  If your stuff is backed up, you can easily re-download items to your new phone.


Apparently, the staff at the store assumed he’d already done this ,and didn’t ask before resetting his phone.  He’s particularly upset over the loss of his honeymoon photos and videos and says he wants to use the money he’s demanding to take a second honeymoon.

Remember, always back up all your photos!

BlackBerry Pulls out Of Pakistan Over Privacy

BlackBerry is closing down operations in Pakistan because the government there is demanding what the company considers a massive invasion of user privacy.


The company says it regrets leaving the country, but staying would have meant giving up their commitment to user privacy. The company says it is willing to cooperate with governments for any type of criminal investigation, but will not give unrestricted backdoor access to user data.

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