More Google Chrome Tricks

Yesterday, I showed you two great tricks for customizing Google Chrome and improving your browsing experience.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got two more fantastic tips.

Reopening closed tabs

Who hasn’t accidentally closed a tab? It happens a lot, especially if you use keyboard shortcuts. Sure, we can go back to the history section, relocate the web page, and open it again, but that seems like a whole lot of work doesn’t it?

Instead, you can use ctrl+shift+t (cmd+shift+t on Mac) to reopen the most recent tab that you had closed. Once you press the key combo, the most recently closed web page will open in a brand new tab.


This trick becomes even more awesome when you realize that pressing this key combo multiple times will reopen all the tabs you had closed previously (in order of closing). For e.g. if you press ctrl+shit+t ten times, then it will open the last ten tabs that you had closed.

The brilliant brilliant part is that it works even if you restart the browser. So if you closed a tab and then accidentally shut the browser, you can still reopen the old tabs by using this shortcut. Awesome or what?

Google Chrome task manager

A staggeringly low number of people are aware that chrome has its own built-in task manager. This task manager shows a list of all the tabs and extensions that are open, and gives you detailed information about how much memory is being used by each one of them. All that is good but how does it help?

For a regular user, the task manager comes in handy when a particular tab or extension is giving you problems, like slow browsing or a total freeze-up.

Using the task manager, tabs and extensions can be forced to shut down,  avoiding the need to completely restart the browser.


To show the task manager, press shift+esc on Windows. On the Mac, go to ‘Window>task manager’ menu item. Once the small Task Manager window appears, simply highlight the item you want to shut and click on ‘End Process’. The rogue tab/extension will be terminated and you will be able to resume browsing as normal.

Incorporating these  valuable tricks in your daily routine will not only save you time but also save you from browsing troubles. do not forget to give them a try today!

~ Yogesh

4 thoughts on “More Google Chrome Tricks

    1. Well duh. Didn’t see the “-T” in the command. It works now that I’ve put on my glasses….. Thanks!

  1. Had a power outage a Google did not shut down correctly? I cannot refresh or do anything. Says Aww Shucks google has crashed. Have tried deleting and re download but comes back to the same thing. Have looked everywhere for help.

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