5 Tips To Boost Viewership For Your Online Streaming

With over three billion videos being watched every day on social network sites like Facebook, it goes to show that videos when created right and marketed well can connect instantly with today’s digitally active audience.

One of the most frequently asked questions in streaming a live video is how to create a loyal following? Are you also worried and wrestling hard to achieve more viewers for your live event streaming? Here are five tips to consider to attract increased viewership for your online video streaming with Blue Jeans:

 Stream a Unique Event – Interrupt the Routine Trend

 Firstly, you need to choose an event that stands out among regular video broadcasts to get more viewers. Unless you are streaming a training course for your employees, it is important to break away from the routine trend and come up with a unique special event that instantly attracts the attention of your prospective viewers.


Put yourselves in the shoes of your audience and ponder what type of streaming or theme would spark an interest in attending your video broadcast. In short, you need to select an event that drives your audience to look forward to it. So initiate something great and memorable for your audience.

 Create Awareness on Social Media Sites – Promote your Broadcast

 Social media can create a big impact when it comes to video broadcast promotion. As posted by thirdteam.org social network plays a crucial role in marketing your live streaming. You can either tweet or post a special short video on Facebook of your upcoming online streaming event to instantly increase interest and create awareness.


It could be your prospective clients, suppliers, or your international staff you wish to reach to boost viewership of your live streaming. You may talk in the video about what’s in it for them and how they can benefit by attending the live video event.

 Encourage Real-time Interaction – Harness the Best Streaming Technology

Now that you’ve made them aware of the live video streaming, its time to make it a memorable event for your viewers. And how do you do that? By actively engaging and constantly interacting with your audience can go a long way to make it a unique experience. Video broadcast isn’t like presenting a TV show, it’s an active sport in the world of communication. More often than not your viewers are curious not only in learning and knowing about what you are presenting but would also like to speak up and share their thoughts in between. So it is good to opt for video streaming technology where passive viewers can become active participants. This way, the video broadcast isn’t a boring one-sided lecture but a lively event where your viewers can raise hands, ask questions, give comments and more, thus making it a free flowing conversation in real time.

 In addition, what you want most once your event ends is a growing conversation about your broadcast long after its over. This is possible when your viewers actively interact during the streaming rather than being passive participants. So constantly encourage conversations to build genuine followers for all your future events.

 Ensure your Streaming is Lengthy – Short is Not Sweet

 Your video broadcast isn’t a video on demand that people find on sites like Vine, where shorter videos are more preferred. According to stats released by Citrix, nearly 45 percent of video streaming or webinar attendees prefer the duration to be anywhere between 30-45 minutes, so it can result in better attendance rates and well improved engagement.


 In case of video streaming, viewers come well prepared about investing time in watching your video. This point makes a huge difference here. Your viewers want to collaborate and stay engaged, so ensure your streaming is lengthy (anywhere between 30-60 minutes) and don’t forget to be entertaining and real while presenting information they are looking for.

 Be Consistent and Timely – Key to Attract New Fan Base

 Always choose a day and time that you will adhere to. The last thing you wish your viewers to experience is disappointment due to non availability of your stream on the scheduled day or time. Its important you are ready and available to greet and welcome your viewers online at least few minutes before the scheduled streaming time. Consistently conduct live streaming events to improve your viewership as it will keep you active in their minds. Don’t maintain long gaps between broadcasts as you could be quickly forgotten, given the fact there are lots of channels for viewers these days. So keep them consistently engaged and in high spirits.

 In Conclusion

 Keep practicing these five tips when you do live video streaming to boost your viewership. Don’t forget the most vital thing is to encourage viewer engagement and create an interactive environment to retain more viewers.

~ Rummer

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