Delete Phone Photos Without Affecting Cloud Copies

Wanda has a question about Dropbox cloud storage. “If I delete a picture from my PC or Phone, will the picture still stay in Dropbox? I read that Google + deletes pictures automatically that are deleted from a device. I want to free up space and want someplace where I can store my pictures and be able to delete them from my PC and phone.”

dropbox feature

Your photos should only be deleted from Dropbox if you went into the Dropbox app and deleted them from the cloud storage.  Once backed up, you can remove them from your phone or PC without losing them in the cloud.

By the way, Google + photos is no more. It’s been replaced by Google Photos.  Using Google Photos with the back up & sync function turned on, you can also delete locally.  In the Android app, select Settings from the Menu and choose FREE UP SPACE.

For the iOS app, just hold a photo or video and choose Delete device Copy.

I hope this helps.

~ Cynthia

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