Are Christmas Lights Slowing Down Your WiFi Signal?

Could your Christmas tree be the culprit behind slow WiFi?  According to OfCom, the agency in charge of regulating communications in the UK, your festive lights could be interfering with your wireless signal.


If these lights are too close to your router, they could be causing interference.  You’d probably need a big display to cause a problem, but it can happen. Holiday lights aren’t the only things that can get in the way of your WiFi.

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OfCom also mentions Halogen lamps and dimmer switches.  And did you know the speakers you’re using to get sound for your PC could also be interfering with your WiFi connection? The same holds true for stereo speakers.

Your TV cold be a culprit as well. They suggest keeping your router as far away from any other electrical devices as possible.


And don’t forget about things like cordless phones. Cordless phones, baby monitors and other devices that emit wireless signals can slow down your signal as well. Then there’s the microwave. Do not put your router near the microwave.


Other culprits can be the placement of your furniture or even the walls in your house. They can block your WiFi signal. It’s suggested that you put your router in a central location and make sure it’s on a shelf or table instead of close to the ground. And don’t put your router near your water pipes. Water can interfere with the signal.

If you find your router is slowing down, you might want to try restarting it. Upon restart, it might go for a less busy frequency for WiFi.

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