Can I View Photo Thumbnails In Windows 7?

A reader has a question about viewing photos in Windows 7 and Windows 10. “When I had XP and went to view my pictures I had a choice of thumb nails,list,details or tiles.In windows 7 there is only list,details or tiles.Is there anyway to get the thumb nails back. It is a real pain trying to figure out which picture is which. Does windows 10 have thumbnails?”

First let’s look at your photo viewing options in Windows 7. We’ll open File Explorer and go to the Pictures library.


In the upper right of the window, you’ll see a photo icon with a drop-down arrow.


Click that arrow and you’ll see several option for viewing pictures.


Here’s what it looks like when you choose Extra Large Icons :


Compare that to the Large Icons view:


Medium Icons look like this:


This is the view for Small Icons.


And for Tiles:


You can also choose List.


Or Details.


And also Content.


Click the drop-down arrow next to Arrange by to arrange the photos.


In Windows 10, click File Explorer and choose Pictures, and you’ll see a similar view.


You’ll find the option to change the view at the top of the window. Select the View tab and you’ll see the same options as in Windows 7.


~ Cynthia

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  1. I have selected the icon view as explained but I still see only the image depicted like the view for small icons only larger. The actual picture or image does not show.

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