Where Are Updates In Windows 10?

Rosie isn’t sure how to find the update page in Windows 10. She writes: I am having trouble finding the Windows updates page in Windows 1o. It is not listed in the control panel as it used to be. And the back up and restore only shows 7 in it. I’m not sure how, if I want to go back to 8.1, I would do it. And is it true I only have a month to decide if I want to stay on 10 or go back?

To find updates in Windows 10, just type Windows Update in the search box and click on the results. You’ll be taken to Update and Security under Settings.

update and security

The reason you’re seeing Windows 7 restore is because you’re looking in Control Panel instead of under Settings.  If you look under under the Update and Security Settings, you’ll see backup options for Windows 10.

You do have 30 days from the time you upgrade to return to your previous operating system. Type “Go back to previous version of Windows” in the search box and click on the result to start that process.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Thanks for another helpful tip, Cynthia. I’m wondering why the Win 10 designers omitted Updates from the Control Panel. Seems like they’re making it more difficult for people to find programs, etc.

    1. Doreen:
      Control panel is considered a “legacy” feature left over from previous versions of Windows so that people running older programs that require it can use it. Settings is where Microsoft would like see adjustments made. In Windows 10, it’s always a safe bet to look there first.

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