Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 is highly customizable and provides plenty of options for adjusting your Start Menu. Start menu can be completely customized including color, size, tiles layout etc.

  • Change the size of start menu:

The vertical and horizontal size of start menu in Windows 10 can be changed easily by just moving the cursor on its top or right edges and dragging it in a particular direction. By default, the tile structure in start menu is based on two columns, but the number of columns can be increased or decreased by resizing the start menu horizontally.


  • Customizing the tiles:

Tiles in the start menu can also be customized. This can be tile size, turning the live tiles off and removing the tiles from the menu. All of this can be done just by right clicking on any tile you want to customize.


  • Changing the start menu color:

Changing the start menu color is pretty easy and straight forward in Windows 10. Right Click on the desktop and choose “Personalize”. From “Personalization Settings”, select the “Color” option from the left sided list, turn off the “Automatically pick an accent color…” setting and choose another color from the list. To set the color on the start menu and taskbar, turn on “Show color on Start taskbar…” option and there you go.


~ Adrian

2 thoughts on “Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

  1. My start menu is 3/4 the width of the screen. No amount of dragging the right edge makes it smaller. I have switched the icons to small also.

  2. I bought the windows 10 book from you earlier, the 1st edition. Is the one that you are currently advertising the same one or is this a newer version with more information?

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