Download And Install Cortana For Android

The long-awaited Android version of Cortana is finally available in the Google play store. You can have Microsoft’s digital assistant for free on your phone by heading over to the Google Play Store and searching Cortana.


Tap Cortana and then choose Install.


It will take a minute or two for the app to install.


Then you can click Open.


Cortana will then offer you a brief tour of the features.


You’ll need to agree to Cortana’s privacy terms. An app that sends e-mails, makes calls and accesses the Internet and your calendar will need access to all those functions to work.


You’ll then be asked to sign into our Microsoft Account. If you have Windows 10, this will coordinate Cortana with your PC and share your appointments, etc…


Cortana should now be ready to go.


~ Cynthia


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