Get Support Quickly In Windows 10

Sometimes you can’t find solutions to your computer problems no matter how long you search online. Then you need a little help from an expert.

Thankfully, Windows 10 has introduced a brand new Contact Support feature.


I personally consider this one the best features of this new operating system.

Users can now easily contact through phone or chat with Microsoft Support for any questions related to “Windows Accounts and Billing” or “Services and Apps.”

Services and apps would include questions about Windows 10, Microsoft Office,, OneDrive, or apps purchased from the Windows store.

To access the contact support app in Windows 10, just type “Contact Support” in the search box located just to the right of Start Menu Icon.


If you have Cortana enabled, you can say, “Hey, Cortana. Open Contact Support.” Don’t forget the “open.” If you simply says Contact Support, she’ll open up a web page with a link to Microsoft.

After opening the application, there will be two options i.e. Accounts and Billing or Services and Apps. You can select anything related to your query. You can get live support through phone or chat or you can also schedule a call. Microsoft Support is available 24/7.


Microsoft Support is available 24/7.

~ Adrian

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  1. Windows 10. Tried to right click to get my options to change look of desktop,add folders etc. Doesn’t work. Nothing happens at all. Also the appearance of my desktop completely changed to the Windows 10 tiles and the bottom bar where the clock is located has all of the little tiles all the way across. Don’t like it and have bern unable to change any of it! What happened – one day it was fine and as usual and the next everything changed. HELP, please

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