Walmart Jumps Into Mobile Payment

Walmart announced that it will be adding a mobile pay feature to its mobile app, which is already used by 22 million active users monthly.


The Walmart app already allows you to make purchases and refill prescriptions from your phone. The new feature will allow consumers to simply tap and pay at the checkout at Walmart stores.  The service will use your phone’s camera to scan a code at the register. Users will then receive an electronic receipt.  Consumers can pay with a debit or credit card or a Walmart gift card that has been scanned into their phone.

Walmart Pay is gradually rolling out to stores in the U.S. and should be available at all stores by summer of next year.

Netflix Is Hogging The Internet

You might associate Internet usage with e-mail or web browsing, but the real king of the Internet is video streaming. In fact, during peak usage hours, almost 35% of bandwidth is being used for streaming Netflix. Another 17% is used for streaming YouTube.  That’s more than half of Internet usage.

netflix cropped

Folks visiting HTTP addresses are a distant 3rd at just over 6%. Amazon Video and iTunes come in at around 3% each. While Facebook takes up a lot of time, it only accounts for about 2.5% of usage, with Hulu right behind it.

 Yahoo! Votes To Spin Off E-mail & Web Services

Unhappy with the way the company is going and and problems with plans to spin off its stake in a Chinese e-commerce company, the board of directors of Yahoo has voted to focus instead on its $30 billion stake in the Chinese e-seller Alibaba and instead look into spinning off the e-mail and web services portion of the business that made it famous 20 years ago.


The company brought Marissa Mayer on board to turn things around and she focused on mobile, hoping to help the company catch up with rivals, but with little success.

This won’t necessarily mean the end of Yahoo services. Many companies out there might covet Yahoo’s core users. Among them, Verizon. Their chief financial officer, Fran Shammo said the company would consider acquiring the spinoff if it made financial sense.

~ Cynthia