In The News 12-17-15

Walmart Jumps Into Mobile Payment

Walmart announced that it will be adding a mobile pay feature to its mobile app, which is already used by 22 million active users monthly.


The Walmart app already allows you to make purchases and refill prescriptions from your phone. The new feature will allow consumers to simply tap and pay at the checkout at Walmart stores.  The service will use your phone’s camera to scan a code at the register. Users will then receive an electronic receipt.  Consumers can pay with a debit or credit card or a Walmart gift card that has been scanned into their phone.

Walmart Pay is gradually rolling out to stores in the U.S. and should be available at all stores by summer of next year.

Netflix Is Hogging The Internet

You might associate Internet usage with e-mail or web browsing, but the real king of the Internet is video streaming. In fact, during peak usage hours, almost 35% of bandwidth is being used for streaming Netflix. Another 17% is used for streaming YouTube.  That’s more than half of Internet usage.

netflix cropped

Folks visiting HTTP addresses are a distant 3rd at just over 6%. Amazon Video and iTunes come in at around 3% each. While Facebook takes up a lot of time, it only accounts for about 2.5% of usage, with Hulu right behind it.

 Yahoo! Votes To Spin Off E-mail & Web Services

Unhappy with the way the company is going and and problems with plans to spin off its stake in a Chinese e-commerce company, the board of directors of Yahoo has voted to focus instead on its $30 billion stake in the Chinese e-seller Alibaba and instead look into spinning off the e-mail and web services portion of the business that made it famous 20 years ago.


The company brought Marissa Mayer on board to turn things around and she focused on mobile, hoping to help the company catch up with rivals, but with little success.

This won’t necessarily mean the end of Yahoo services. Many companies out there might covet Yahoo’s core users. Among them, Verizon. Their chief financial officer, Fran Shammo said the company would consider acquiring the spinoff if it made financial sense.

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  1. Yahoo has changed and not for the better I think. It is too slow and has way too much automatic advertising. I think it should go back to how it was a couple of years ago. Trying to make it more mobile friendly has made it less friendly to use. I am seriously considering switching to gmail.

  2. Dumbest move I have heard of in a long time,guess that is what happens when you let a women run a company like this.

  3. I do not have a smartphone. Therefore, I do not have the Walmart app. Even if I had a smartphone, I would not have the Walmart app. There is absolutely no possibility that I will ever set foot in a Walmart. Therefore, I will never need to pay for anything in a Walmart.

    1. I’m sure you have your reason for not shopping at Walmart. However, my local Walmart hires people that in many cases have never had or could never get a job anywhere else. truly an equal opportunity employer.
      It is also a ‘onestop’ place to get most everything and a great source to price check. Not to mention a very liberal ‘no questions asked’ return policy.
      For many of us that need to budget our spending it is the place to shop.

  4. Yahoo changing their focus to Chinese e-commerce is just another example of profts before consumers. Stupid, stupid idea! Ms. Mayer isn’t helping Yahoo and needs to be replaced. Note: I resent the first poster’s comment that it’s what happens when you “let a woman run a company like this”. Men in business make the same idiotic decisions every day!!!

  5. Been using Yahoo Mail as a Plus subscriber since 1998. I would REALLY not like to see this happen. If Yahoo gets rid of it, it will lose a lot more than it thinks because most people use it for mail and nothing else these days. I don’t know how they can think their “core” business is anything else.

    1. I would be in serious trouble if yahoo mail went!! I have folders set where I file things away I want to keep. I do have Google mail. I think yahoo is easier to manage, but then personal preference becomes evident. I have had my account since 2003.

  6. I have used yahoo mail for years I would hate it if they did away with it !!!!
    Most of my email is in yahoo so what would I do ? Keep it you don`t need all those other apps just keep yaho safe for us old timres !!!
    Thank you.

  7. I have used Yahoo mail since its inception. I now use it exclusively for all my business transactions. I would hate to have to notify everyone it I had to change. I would be satisfied if Verizon took it over.

  8. What will happen to the AT$T service that uses Yahoo news? If I remember correctly, they also use Yahoo email, although I don’t use that feature. I guess any time a new CEO is hired there are going to be some changes. I don’t like the changes to Yahoo, but that’s the way businesses work these days.

  9. I would really, really hate to have to undo everything I’ve hooked up with Yahoo. The contacts, etc. If they drop it they need to make it an easy way to keep what you have and have it work.

  10. I have used Yahoo mail for years and love the unlimited storage. I have other accounts but it would be real hassle if “Yahoo” mail changed significantly and who knows what a new owner would do…

  11. I have used Yahoo! mail for many years, however, I very seldom even open it now. I receive over 100 emails each day in that account and most are spam. Their filters are not working for me. I use Gmail daily and find very little spam in my account. I don’t believe I would miss Yahoo! if it closed completely. There are a lot of other sources for what they offer.

  12. I use Gmail as my main mail server and I also use Yahoo that I have had since they started. Gmail is superior by far, but I wouldn’t like to see Yahoo go because if I am not sure about signing up for a particular site I send them to Yahoo instead. Like Barry Shafer said, Yahoo’s filters don’t work and that is where I get all of the junk. My security programs take care of most of them.

  13. I would like Yahoo to continue email service, PROVIDING it improves often poor service. It’s good to have a backup email service in case my other email service has problems.

  14. I’ve been using Yahoo Mail for years. It’s my main contact address and as such it catches all the Spam, unneeded and unwanted mailings, etc. It’s been very useful in that regard. Important, keeper emails and contacts are transferred to a Gmail account where I watch over it more closely. I’d like it to stay the same way it is now, but I won’t pay a cent to some other entity who takes it over and wants to charge for it. Especially some outfit such as Verizon, or AT&T.

  15. I have used Yahoo Mail for years on my home PC. I do not have a smart phone and, like many others, cannot afford the extra fees to connect a phone to the internet. The extra fee we have to pay for texting ability is expensive enough. I find it hard to believe that most internet users would want to get rid of Yahoo email service. It seems like Marissa Mayer is out to improve the bottom line (i.e. profits for shareholders) to the detriment of millions of Yahoo customers.

  16. Let ATT have it. Many of us run ATTYahoo mail through one of the ATT owned service servers such sbcglobal. Just let us continue to without interruption.

  17. Yahoo mail is THE BEST MAIL SERVICE on the internet, very user friendly and so easy to customise. I would miss it.


  19. Don’t want to loose Yahoo mail at all keep it as it is .Family has all important files and pic there.It would be terrible to loose it all and verizon sucks as a service of any kind in our region.. Never once had a problem with Yahoo mail ..

    1. Ronna: It seems unlike that Yahoo! Mail would go away. But it may no longer be a part of its parent company. But no matter how much you like an e-mail service, you shouldn’t keep important files and pictures stored in your e-mail. They should be backed up in multiple places.

  20. It will be disastrous if yahoo suspends email services. Many users, like myself, use their yahoo address in countless sites and transactions. To eliminate it would cause enormous inconveniences and confusion.

  21. I would like to close my Yahoo account; they are too liberal for me. I have tried to locate an unsubscribe or cancel on the site but have not been able to find one. Also, if I cancel Yahoo I am afraid I will no longer be able to use YouTube.

    1. You Tube is incorporated with Google. Get a Gmail account.
      I use Yahoo ID/email for Yahoo groups. I hope Yahoo groups will not go away!

  22. Marissa Mayer has been a complete failure as Yahoo CEO and should be fired. Mayer’s decision to focus solely on building wireless subscriber growth to the detriment of alienating all long-time core users with platform changes that don’t dovetail with wireless and/or PC users has been exasperating. Her forceful top-down management style combined with a lavish, narcissistic, personal entitlement attitude derived by position alone, has caused total upheaval at Yahoo. Hiring AND firing Mayer will cost Yahoo a fortune.

  23. I never have liked Yahoo Mail. Their spam filter really sucks!!! Now I hear Gmail has been hacked & email lost. So I settled on No such problems there. Also their allotted storage space increases according to your need. I save a LOT of email and have never been limited on storage space with / Hotmail. Ron Fox – Belvedere, SC

    1. I have an outlook account too and they must not like me using Yahoo group mail coming to outlook for they blocked half of the post so I seldom use it but I have to keep it for I have it to log in my laptop with it. :'( If it were not for that I would get rid of it a long time ago!

  24. I LOVE Yahoo mail! Recently, my Verizon email went over to AOL and it is the worst email I have ever used. Yahoo has a huge storage capacity and a ton of features that just are NOT there with other email providers. Also I belong to a large FreeCycle group on Yahoo that does a hefty amount of recycling items, much more efficiently than other recycling sites. It would be disastrous to lose my Yahoo email as it is tied to many of the sites I utilize on a daily basis. Please keep Yahoo email the same.

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