13 Million MacKeeper User Accounts Exposed

We get a lot of questions about anti-virus and anti-Malware software for Macs. Apple does not encourage Mac owners to use it, but the increasing number of attacks against Mac products have many folks wanting extra protection.

Those who actually added some Malware protection are facing a security issue. MacKeeper, a company that makes anti-malware programs for Macs, is accused of exposing personal detail of the 13 million customers.

Security Researcher Chris Vickery says he was able to download over 13 million sensitive account details for MacKeeper and other user accounts related to MacKeeper’s owner Kromtech.


Vickery said that information was available to anyone who knew how how to scan for it. He claims he randomly stumbled across it and found an open port with a file labelled users that contained the information


He contacted Kromtech and the company later said that they had managed to secure the database.

Kromtech confirmed that the breach did indeed happen.

They say no credit card information was in the files, but details such as usernames, user credentials and passwords were in those files.  The company said it was resetting account passwords and that users would be notified. In a statement, the company said that as far as they can tell, only Vickery managed to find the unsecured file.

We are grateful to the security researcher Chris Vickery who identified this issue without disclosing any technical details for public use. We fixed this error within hours of the discovery. Analysis of our data storage system shows only one individual gained access performed by the security researcher himself. We have been in communication with Chris and he has not shared or used the data inappropriately. ”

Those with questions can go to a special page to contact MacKeeper.

~ Cynthia


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