Want to make your own perfume or customize some perfume for that special ? The UNIQUE Online Fragrance Designer enables customers all over the world to create their personal, custom-made perfume. The innovative system has been developed in co-operation with experiences perfumers and guarantees for exclusive premium quality.


Using the Online-Tool (http://www.uniquefragrance.com/custom-perfume), customers get recommendations on how to combine the different fragrances. The process begins with choosing a gender then character. Next is the scent that forms from many, many options – more than 150 billion possible combinations.


Then users go through notes, the bottle and label to finalize their customized perfume. Customers can make a creative design for the perfume bottle and even print their special pictures on it. For Christmas, UNIQUE offers a wide range of special bottles including some covered with real gold or crystals.


Not online? Just go to a perfume store like including leading chains like Nocibé. The UNIQUE Fragrance Terminal lets you create perfume using the integrated application and perfume testers. The perfume is then produced in the UNIQUE lab and shipped to the perfume store within just a few days.

The luxury of having a personal branded perfume is traditionally available only for celebrities and VIPs.  The pricing is affordable and creation times are quick, which makes a unique fragrance also a very special gift idea. All fragrances are created in Europe and shipped to the U.S. and worldwide in just a few days. Creation and shipping times to the U.S. are less than 14 days. A personal fragrance is available starting $79.90 USD and all perfumes come with a full money-back-guarantee plus a free perfume consultation.

~ Michael Siebenaler