Will Wiping My External HD Affect My PC?

Bud has a question about an old internal Windows XP drive that he converted to an external hard driveĀ  “Is there a way I can wipe this unit without affecting my processor (cpu, tower, whatever). In other words can I wipe anything from a USB port without losing my current info on my main drive?”

Bud, once you convert an old internal hard drive to an external hard drive, it should behave just like any other external drive.

You should be able to access it and wipe it clean just like you would a flash drive or any other external device.


Deleting content from an external drive shouldn’t affect your main drive in any, way shape or form.

But I do want to caution you about one thing. Make sure you aren’t wiping any files that you are accessing from that drive.

For example, you could have a playlist for music set up in Windows media player, but be using songs stored on that external hard drive. If you delete the music from the drive, it will be gone even though the playlist remains on your main hard drive.


I heard from a reader a few weeks back who wiped out his entire photo collection from an external drive. Since he could see it in his Photo Gallery he thought it was also stored there, but the actual photos were stored on the external drives.

The same could also be true for some documents. You might be opening and saving them to your external drive.

So, do make sure to double-check that you have all the information you want to keep stored in a safe place before you wipe that drive.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Cynthia this is somewhat related. I purchased a Dual Bay Dock from world start and an internal 1 TB disk when I inserted the disk it does not show up on my computer though the computer recognized the drivers and said it was ready. I have an HP with windows 7, 16 GB Memory Model 700-215. Any help appreciated.

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