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This topic came to mind recently because there are interns at the Wisconsin Historical Society who are learning to improve their typing skills. We share an office, and it’s so cool to see listen to them practice. Their excitement at getting better is infectious.

So I went home and looked up typing tests. I decided this site was the coolest because not only does it offer a speed-typing test, but it also lets you practice your typing skills with games.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll be greeted with two options. You can take the free typing test or you can start the free keyboarding lessons.

I recommend starting with the typing test, so that you’ll have a baseline to work off of. They give you some options in the drop down menu that allow you to customize your typing test. You can set the time limit: 1-5 minutes. You can pick the text you type: Aesop’s Fables, Rules of Baseball, Space Cowboys, Tigers in the Wild, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Zebra-Africa’s Striped Horse, and The Enchanted Typewriter.

After you’ve picked your settings click the Start Typing Test button. This will whisk you away to the typing test with the options you setup. It won’t start until you begin typing, so get ready and then go!  The test will automatically end after the allotted time and calculate your typing speed based on words per minute (wpm) and your word accuracy.  I average around 65 wpm which isn’t too bad for typing an unfamiliar text!

Don’t like your results? Want to improve your typing skills? Well you totally can by choosing to click the Train for Free button. This will whisk you away to the  landing page for the Typing Trainer where you can take an interactive quick tour of the program, which I suggest you try out. It shows you how the program works. If you decide you like it, you’ll need to register for a free account to sign in and get started!

Tired of the typing course, but still want to practice your typing skills? Well then head on over to the Typing Games section. There you can find games that help you improve your typing while having fun!



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