What Does Seized Domain Mean?

A reader  trying to watch some online video came across this notice. “I ran across this pop up. It has never happened before.  ‘This domain name has been  seized operation of the site.”  I don’t know what it means. I also get “Yahoo has forbidden this link.” So what does this mean. I ran a virus scan, but it didn’t find anything.”

You’re very lucky you don’t have a virus, because it appears that you’ve been  watching video on an illegal site.


There are a lot of sites out there that let you watch videos for free that usually cost money to view on service like Hulu or Netflix or Amazon. They also often have movies that are currently still running in theaters available to view or download for free or for a less-expensive subscription fee.

What this means is that law enforcement has shut down the site you’ve been visiting. Often times sites are shut down for offering movies or TV shows that they don’t have the right to or allowing you to download music and apps that they don’t have the rights to.

These pirated media products typically are either free or much less expensive than it costs to buy them through legitimate sources.  These products can also come with the hidden cost of malware that can steal your information and also slow down your PC or tablet.\

Sites can also be seized for suspected connection to criminal activities or terrorism and for selling products that are illegal to offer for sale such as counterfeit goods.

The access forbidden code could mean that your security software is blocking the site.  It can also mean that the site is unavailable, which is not surprising if it’s been shut down by the government.

Whatever the reason, it’s probably not a good sign to see that notice pop up on a site you use. The possibility exists that malware of some type has mad its way onto your PC or tablet. Also, if you’ve downloaded any videos, songs or apps from the site, technically you’ve been receiving stolen property.

However, it’s unlikely that law enforcement would come after you unless you’ve downloaded an extremely high quantity of pirated material.

If you’ve given your credit card or bank account information to a site like this. It’s a good idea to cancel that card and to let the bank know that you no longer authorize any transactions with them from your account.

~ Cynthia

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