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Did you know the New York Times has a whole section devoted to cooking?  I didn’t! My friend let me in on the secret when she shared a recipe from the site for danish dough.

Once I got there I couldn’t help myself, I browsed through all sorts of recipes and started dreaming about all the delicious meals I was going to try out in the New Year. (I  might get around to those danishes this year!)

When you arrive at the site there will be a large, mouthwatering image of whatever the featured recipe is! Then you can scroll down the page to see what else is being featured.

At the very top of the page you’ll find categories for Recipe Box, Christmas, and Learn to Cook. I checked out the Learn to Cook section and it is filled with great recipes and tutorials. What I want to point out is if you scroll past most of the featured content on that page, you’ll come to the Video Tutorial section. There you will find awesome videos that demonstrate how to do things in the kitchen. For example, how to caramelize onions, how to poach an egg, how to frost a cake, etc. I found them to be very helpful, and have bookmarked them for reference. I’ve been practicing my chiffonading skills, and they’re slowly getting better with the tips from the video.

Go check out these delightful and visually stunning recipes today!



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