Welcome to Topick! This a cool discussion platform that allows you to read and post about your favorite topics!

To post you’ll need an account. You can sign up for one by clicking the blue Join the Community button. This whisks you away to the registration page where you’ll have the options to sign up via Twitter or your email address.

On the main page you’ll see the featured categories, and if you scroll past those topics you’ll find a listing of the Most Popular topics. I dove right into the Mechanical Watches category since I’m wildly passionate about the subject!

What you’ll find when you click into a conversation is a main post with comments beneath. You can add photos to the post and links, so you can develop a really robust discussion.

If you don’t find a category you like, why don’t you start one? Share your enthusiasm for the things you love!

I’m seriously looking forward to using this site, and I hope you will too.