We’ve told you before how much Google wants to get rid of passwords. Everything from password pills to tattoos have been suggested.

Now it looks as if Google is testing out a new password-free method of logging in. A user who had the chance to participate in the test posted about it online and shared the screenshots below.  Here’s how it works.

You go to google.com and choose to sign in. Enter the e-mail address and click next.


You’ll get a notice giving you a code to enter on your phone.  Users will also see the option to log in with a traditional password instead.


Your smartphone will then get a notification asking if you’re trying to sign in.


Click the notification and verify that you are trying to sign in from your PC.


Then select the number that you were given in your browser.


Then your browser will log you in enabling you to access Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and other Google services.

This type of two-factor authentication is considered much more secure than a standard password, plus there’s no password to forget.

This is very similar to the process introduced by Yahoo to move away from the traditional password, though there’s no word when Google might roll out this type of log-in to everyone.

~ Cynthia.