Columbia House Making Vinyl Record Comeback

Everything old is new again… especially vinyl records. Stores like Barnes and Noble have added record sections as young people raised in a digital-only world discover the pleasure of owning a physical copy and the unique sound that comes from a needle hitting a record.


A familiar player is jumping back into the record game. Anyone who every taped a penny to a postcard to send away for their 12 free albums, 8-tracks, cassettes or CDs remembers Columbia House.  You sent a penny, you got free albums and you promised to buy a bunch more from their monthly catalog. The drastic drop in sales of CDs and DVDs put them out of business, but they’re back with a new owner, John Lippman.

Lippman plans to bring back vinyl and he’s already got a website up that says the club will be back in 2016.

Vinyl sales are up 52% this year, making it the bright spot in an industry where consumption is rapidly switching to streaming instead of sales of physical copies or purchased downloads.

~ Cynthia

One thought on “Columbia House Making Vinyl Record Comeback

  1. Hey Cynthia, WOW! can’t wait; dust raggs, spare phonograph needles, how the heck am I going to put a turn table in my old ‘entertainment center’ let alone all those record racks where no one puts the record back in its right slot never to be seen again, yea that was so much fun ???

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