Mary has a question about photos in Windows 10:  “We’ve purchased a new computer with Windows 10 already installed in it. We figured out how to put pictures in the Photos Collection, but can’t figure out how to print those pictures. Please help.”

Glad to help, Mary. It’s pretty easy to print from the Photos app in Windows 10.  First, tap on the Photos app icon to open or click on any of your photographs in the Pictures file of your library.


Select the photo you want to print.


The window below will open.


In the upper-right corner, choose the the icon that looks like 3 dots. Select Print from the drop-down menu. Whenever you’re looking for an option like print in any program or app, always look for an icon with three dots or three lines. That indicates a menu.


You’ll get options to choose your printer and select landscape or portrait.


Click More settings and you can also collate items, choose the paper size and type of paper.


For more print options. Click that 3-dot menu again and choose Open with.


Choose Windows Photo Viewer


When Photo Viewer opens, you can select the Print option in the upper left corner.


You can then choose from several print options that let you print multiple copies of photos on the page. You can also pick paper size and type as well as choose print quality.


Another way to open and print photos ia by selecting them from the Pictures library in File Explorer.


Right-click on any photo and choose Open with from the menu. The select Photo Viewer.


Hope this helps!

~ Cynthia