Can A Tablet Handle Photo Management?

Carina has a question about managing her photos on a tablet.  “I am looking to replace my laptop and I am unsure if I can download the pictures in my camera to a tablet and if I can use a CD to burn them on to, or extract them on to a USB stick or external hard drive. Is this possible in a tablet or will I need a laptop?”

There are many option for managing your photos on a tablet. Let’s look at the possibilities for transferring photos from your camera to a tablet.


If you’re using a smartphone for your primary camera or a digital camera with built-in WiFi capabilities, you could transfer your images to cloud storage and easily access them from your tablet. While you can’t burn those photos to DVD or put them on a USB flash drive, you can share them with anyone you want from the cloud.


An excellent option for those using a smartphone as a primary camera is an external Bluetooth drive that allows you to save photos wirelessly to an external drive you can access via tablet, phone or PC.

If your tablet allows you to use a microSD card for expanded storage and your camera uses a microSD card as well, you could remove the card from the camera and insert it into the tablet to transfer the photos to the tablet.


I would not suggest actually storing photos on most tablets. They generally have a limited amount of storage space.

If your camera transfers photos via a microUSB to USB cable, you might want to consider getting a full Windows tablet. Many of these tablets have a USB port.


Android and iPad tablets do not have USB ports.  But you can purchase a camera adapter for your iPad for around $30.


Similarly, you can purchase a USB OTG adapter cable to use with an Android tablet. These are often available for less than $10.


With a tablet running Windows 10, you can also transfer your photos to a USB flash drive or an external hard drive that connects via USB. Also, you’ll find some Windows tablets that have hard drive space very similar to a traditional laptop.

It’s important that we also look at your photo editing needs. If you just want to make basic changes like cropping or adjusting the brightness and color of photos, the apps available for tablets should be fine for your needs.


If you need to run the full desktop version of Photoshop, you will want to go with a full Windows tablet that has the processing power to run desktop apps.

You’ll need to make a few adjustments if you switch to a tablet, but it’s perfectly possible to manage your photos with one. If you choose to go with a Windows tablet, the interface will feel pretty familiar.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say, it’s would be perfectly possible to take care of most every day photo needs using only a smartphone with a good camera and no additional devices at all.

Happy picture-taking.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I have a old Toshiba thrive tablet that I love to use for certain things because its still the only tablet that came with a full size usb port and a full size hdmi port also has one of the only replaceable batteries.

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