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Robert from Phoenix, AZ writes “I am using windows 7 home edition, with IE 9. How do you keep new website continuing to load in the same open window. I keep getting a long list of open windows across the top of my computer. Appreciate your input.”

Hi, Robert.  Thanks for the great question!

I think that what you’re seeing aren’t new windows, but TABS.  This is a feature that was introduced in most browsers several years ago to prevent multiple instances of the browser from opening at once.  Tabs look like this:


Personally, I like tabs.  I always keep my email open in one tab so that I can keep an eye on new emails arriving.  Then, for example, as I’m writing this article, I have my article open in one window and at least one other window open to Google or some other search engine to do research as I write.  That’s not to say that tabs didn’t get some getting used to at first, they did.  But I have learned to love them.

But, if you prefer to have your new websites open in a new window or in the same window that you already have open, you can make that change in your internet options.  Here’s the easiest way to do that.

Once you open IE, click on the gear at the upper right of your window.  That will open your options.  Then click on INTERNET OPTIONS.


In the TABS section of the options window, click SETTINGS.  This will open a dialog window that will allow you to change what happens when you open a new tab, as well as how your new sites open.


The bottom section allows you to change how new links open in your browser.

If you choose to open them in a new window, then a new instance of Internet Explorer will open with the link.  (This MAY be what you have chosen now.)  If you choose to open it in a new tab in the current window, then a new tab will open at the top of your browser.  What you want to choose is to open in the current tab or window.  This will replace whatever site you currently have open with the new link.

However, I would encourage you to give tabs a chance.  Simply click on the X on any tab that you don’t want to close it and you’ll find that you have a manageable amount of tabs open in your browser.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer


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