Meet and Jam

Meet and Jam is a really cool way for musicians to network with each other and find places to play their music.

When you arrive at the site, I suggest scrolling down the main page and  checking out all of the information featured there. It will give you a really good feel for what the site is about and if it is applicable to you or someone you know!

Besides information on how to sign up (as a musician or studio), you’ll find featured artist and featured studio sections, along with a great round up of artists under Six of the Best. Clicking into these sections gives you a good feel for the site’s content.

Signing up for the site is easy. All you have to do is click the Join Up button and then fill out the form. You also have the option to register with your SoundCloud, Facebook, or Twitter Account.

I got to this site via their blog, so be sure to check that out! You’ll find lots of articles like the Six of the Best one. One of my favorites was titled “5 Musicians Who Are Miraculously Alive.”


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