Apple Accused Of Breaking iPhone 4s

Did Apple carelessly ruin millions of iPhone 4s units with the upgrade to iOS 9?  A $5 million class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of iPhone 4S owners saying that the update significantly slowed down their phones, making them buggy and unusable despite claiming that the iOS 9 upgrade was compatible with the iPhone 4S.


Further, the suit says Apple does not warn customer that their updates are irreversible. The suit implies that Apple’s intention was to push users into buying new iPhones.

Amazon Doubles Device Sales

It was a happy holiday season for the folks at Amazon. The company doubled sales of its devices like the Kindle eReader and the Fire Tablet over last year.


The Fire tablet was the companies best seller, followed by the Fire TV streaming device.  Also popular was the company’s smart home hub, Amazon Echo.

AT & T Ends Two-Year Plans

Starting today, AT & T is ending its standard 2-year plan where you paid off the cost of your phone and your monthly services over the course of a two-year plan.

From here on, customers will sign up for the Next program. This is more of lease. You pay a monthly fee to rent your phone and after you make a certain number payments, you can trade it in for a newer model.

This will mean no money down on phones with the Next plan, but you don’t end up owning the device. If you already have a contract in place, this won’t affect the terms of your current contract.

~ Cynthia