How Do I Get Rid Of News In Cortana’s Notebook

Cesar has an issue with his Windows 10 Start Menu. “I need to get rid of this nasty cooking BING. Eery 5 seconds I have in my notebook this molesting news information that I don’t want and I don’t need. Do I have to erase Google? Please help!

First of all, Bing isn’t a cookie. It’s Microsoft’s search engine and the default search provider for Windows 10. When you open up Cortana in the Start menu you’ll see your calendar events and local and national news stories that Cortana thinks match your interests. You can click on any of these items to see them. But you also have complete control over what’s displayed there.


Click on the Notebook Icon and then choose News.


You’ll see that you have several options to control what kind of news you receive in your feed. You can turn the News cards completely off by sliding the switch.


With News cards turned off my start screen now only displays weather.


You also have options for only seeing certain kinds of news.  With News cards on, you can choose to see only local news, national news or news Cortana thinks fits your interests.


You also have the option of getting information and alerts about things like movies, food, sports scores, weather, travel, finance and a range of other interests.


With Eat & Drink turned on I can scroll down in my notebook for a list of suggested nearby restaurants.


Or, you can choose to have no information at all. It’s completely customizable to your needs and interests.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Since I am a NOVICE with Windows 10, I LOVE all these tips – no matter what they are! Thank You! Dion;t know if you can answer a question or not…but if you can, when I hover over the “submit comment” it turns DARK purple and I can barely read the “submit comment”. Is there some way to change this dark color?

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