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I found List Challenges while I was looking for book lists to challenge myself to read this year. You’ll notice there a lot of book lists available here, but that’s not all they have to offer! You’ll also find lists challenges for movies, foods, countries, board games, life events, and so much more. You can even create your own lists!

When you arrive at the site you’ll be treated to a page full of the Trending lists, and you have the option to click New or Popular to switch the content on the main page. You’ll also see that there are navigation tabs by category, offering you the ability to browse lists for All, Movies, Books, Food, Travel, and Other.

The next step is to find a list challenge you want to take, and click on it. For example, if you clicked on Classic Snack Foods, you’d load into that challenge where you would then check the box for any snack food that you’ve tried. Once you’ve selected all the snack foods you’ve tried, you’d click the blue Show Me My Results button. This will make the list tabulate the percentage of things you’ve tried from the list, and display where your results rank globally. For the snack foods I’ve tried 67 out of 80 on the list, and ranked globally at 2,099 of 5,670 users (top 37%). 

To register for the site you have three options. You can connect via Facebook or Google, or you can sign up with your email address. Once you’ve done so you can save lists to mark, see your friend’s scores, and create lists of your own!

This is a fun way to take stock of what you’ve done in your life – what books you’ve read, what foods you’ve eaten, and what places you’ve visited.


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