Reveal Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

Thomas is trying to track down his mouse pointer in Windows 10. He writes: “In Windows XP, holding down the ctrl key will circle the mouse pointer if you can’t find it. This is a big help for an old guy with poor eyesight. I have a CPU w/Win 10 and I tried to track it down and it came back and said ,”no results for show location of pointer when ctrl key is depressed. Please help!”

That function is still available, but you do need to enable it. Here’s how.  Type Control Panel in your search box or just say, “Hey Cortana, open Control Panel.”


The Control Panel Window will open.


Double-click on Mouse.


The Mouse Properties window will open. Click the Pointer options tab.


Then check the box next to Show location of pointer when I press Ctrl key.


Then choose Okay.

~ Cynthia

3 thoughts on “Reveal Mouse Pointer In Windows 10

  1. Great tip-
    The pointer does get lost at much is indicating- it is common sense…think about what you want to do…and where you would do it…’control panel..’
    ”the secret passage” to most problems.
    Thanks for mentioning…looking for windows
    documents in the search engine.

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