Will I Lose Word When I Upgrade?

We heard from a reader concerned about what will happen to Microsoft Word and all documents on the PC in a Windows 10 upgrade:  “When I bought my Dell laptop several years ago, I had Word pre-installed by Dell. When I install Windows 10 will I lost my Word app and documents?


Great question. As long as you are taking the upgrade from a Windows 7 or a Windows 8.1 PC to Windows 10, you shouldn’t see any change in your Word App or your Word documents. If you were doing a clean install of Windows 10, if would be a different story. You would need to reinstall all of your programs and save your documents to another drive to restore later.

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  1. unfortunately when i got win10 frm a friend none of the programs work on win10 -he had to buy me a new wordperfect file – and some other files wouldnt work – so before u upgrade ck and make sure they will work on win10 – friend found wordperfect on ebay so that i did not have to pay a lot for it –

  2. In theory, the “Official party line” is that if you upgrade an existing Windows 7/8 then it is supposed to carry over all of your installed applications.

    But, in practice, a number of people have had problems with “lost” applications after an upgrade. That includes many with problems losing MS Office during the “upgrade”.

    Remember, you only have 30 days after performing the upgrade to use the built in upgrade “backout” mechanism.

    In reality, BEFORE doing a major system change like an OS “upgrade” you really SHOULD do a full image copy backup of your system. That way, if you have problems, you don’t have to depend on the MS backup process (which has that time limit). Why would you trust MS when they caused the problem in the first place.

    Having your own independent backup gives you more control. Some people have complained about problems with the Win 10 “upgrade” after the 30 day period has expired and by that point they are stuck with the upgrade. If they had their own backup they then would have had the option of backing out if they wished.

  3. I had no trouble with my Win 8.1 machine but when I upgraded the Win 7 my Word and Excel disappeared and I could not find my itunes. It took me 10 minutes to decide to just back it out. All of my old buddies were there and everything was fine. If my laptop lasts past support, I will make it into a hard drive or something.

    1. Julie:

      Did you search for the programs by typing their names in the search box in your start menu? Or did you decide they were missing because the icons weren’t readily available?

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