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Eldad is having an issue with Windows 8. He writes: “I’ve using Windows 8 Pro since the end of 2012. There is annoying ‘phenomenon’ that appears from time to time from the Action Center’ stating that I must restart in order to correct disk errors. However, when I scan the drive, [C:\] the result is OK and if I do restart Windows, nothing happens and the same annoying message appears again! It can be for a while, then disappears, and after sometime pops again. Can you shed some light about this matter?”

Action Center is a central place in Windows that lists items requiring your attention. Actions can range from available driver updates to antivirus updates to messages relating to the health of your computer, all grouped under the two categories of Security and Maintenance.


Personally, I find the Action Center pop-ups quite intrusive and  I do not use Action Center either.

But I will not recommend that unless you are comfortable maintaining your computer manually and feel comfortable updating your drivers and software manually without prompts, you probably should use it.

Let’s see if we can hunt down the source of your problem.

A few checks first

Do you remember installing new security software recently? This issue can be caused by software that  capable of scanning your disk at system boot. This includes antivirus software and spyware/adware removal tools. If you have installed any such software, uninstall them once, try rebooting and running a disk check as recommended by Action Center tp see if the problem persists.

Next, did you connect a portable USB drive recently and did not safely-remove it? This action center message can also pop up because Windows does not know that you have removed a certain drive (because you did not safely remove it) and is not able to access it anymore and hence believes that the drive must be corrupt. I have faced this issue once and all I had to do was connect the drive and run a disk check as recommended by Action Center.

If none of the above conditions apply to you, we move to a more concrete solution.

Tomorrow in part 2 of this article, we’ll check out some other fixes.

~ Chinmoy


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