Welcome to Evernote!

Evernote is a cross-platform application designed to help you take notes, get organized, and archive information. It is available for free (there are premium versions) and works on Apple, Android, Windows, and more.

It is designed to help you keep organized by offering one work space that will function on your phone, tablet, or computer.

When you arrive at the site, you can scroll down the main page to check out the information about it. You’ll find the price plans (you’ll want the free version), and brief information on how you can use Evernote to write, collect, discuss, and present information.

Once you’ve decided that this is a tool you’d like to try, click on the Sign-Up button under the Basic section. This will whisk you away to the Create an Account page. There you’ll provide a working e-mail address and create a password. You’ll be immediately logged in an able to start using the program in your web browser.

I would recommend checking out the guide section too. You can find it here.  Start by selecting the platform you will be using Evernote on (Mac, Web, Windows Desktop, Evernote Touch for Windows, Windows phone, Android, and the Apple iProducts). And it will walk you through how to use Evernote for that platform with step-by-step instructions.

I also want to point out that they have a very robust help section, so if you find yourself with questions be sure to check that out.

This is a great way to get organized! Go check it out for yourself today!