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Souren from NYC is struggling with his files in Audacity.  He writes “Hi, I’m having a problem with my Audacity.  When first using it to record my songs from my cassettes it worked fine.  Now I see the audio files and hear the music, but when the songs are done I can’t find them, so I feel that they did not record. I can’t find were the songs are going.  Is there another way to record my music, or am I doing something wrong?  Help me if you can.  Thank you very much guys. I’m at my wits end.”

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Hi, Souren.  Thanks for the great question. As someone who works with Audacity every day, I can think of a couple of reasons that this may be happening.

To start, please let me reassure you that there is almost no way that your files are simply disappearing.  If you save them, they must be somewhere.  It’s simply a matter of finding them.

The first possibility is that your save directory has been moved from where you expect it to be.  I think that there’s at least a possibility that your files are saving somewhere that you don’t expect them to.  This can happen if you’ve reinstalled Audacity recently, and it’s gone back to its default state.  You can check this by recording something, it doesn’t matter what, and then click to export the audio file.  Click the down arrow beside the SAVE IN window, and your directory tree will open.  This will show exactly where you’re saving the file.


If this isn’t where you expect them to be saved, then change the save directory to wherever you want it.

The next possibility is that you’re saving them as Audacity projects instead of WAV files.  Audacity project files can only be opened with Audacity.  You didn’t say what program you’re using to open the music once it’s saved, but if it’s anything other than Audacity, you won’t be able to open them if they’re saving as Audacity project files.  From the FILE menu, if you’re choosing SAVE PROJECT or SAVE PROJECT AS, then it will save as an Audacity project file instead of a music file.


To fix this, instead of using one of these options, choose EXPORT AUDIO, and from there, under SAVE AS TYPE, choose WAV file.


If none of this helps, please put a note in the comments file and we’ll see if we can find something that will.

~ Randal Schaffer


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