Have you ever heard of a dik-dik? I hadn’t. It turns out that they are tiny antelopes that live in Africa. They are utterly adorable!

You can learn all about the dik-dik on the site.  They start by offering a few Quick Facts about the creature and then you can browse the information to the right of that to learn about their Habitat, Physical Description, Behavior and Diet.

Each section drops down an array of information for that category. Beneath that section you’ll find a gallery of images of the animal. You  can use the right and left arrows to scroll though the images, and if you click them they enlarge for better viewing.

I loved learning about how they’ve adapted to their environment. Dik-diks are water independent. This means that they can live without having to drink water by gathering it through the vegetation that they eat.

With a status of Least Threatened for their conservation status, the dik-dik can draw attention to other conservation efforts like conserving it’s environment in Kenya.

Go check them out today!



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