Welcome to HabitForge! Did you make a resolution to break a bad habit this year? Or is 2016 the year you will foster a new habit? If you answered yes, or have decided you want to forge a new habit, then you might want to check out HabitForge today!

HabitForge is a nifty platform that acts as a simple tool for ingraining new habits into your daily routine or helping you eliminate bad habits from your daily routine with daily e-mail check-ins.

The e-mail check-ins help hold you accountable for your progress towards your goal.

When you arrive at at the site, you’ll see on the main page that it works in three easy steps and that you can sign ¬†up for free.

The steps you have to complete are to declare the habit you want to make or break, you can then join or setup a team to help you progress towards your goal, and finally, you’ll receive a daily check-in email.

You can watch a video on the main page that will describe how everything works. As you scroll down the main page you’ll also find tons of information on how it works and what the statistics are surrounding the site.

Go check it out today and start forging a new habit or breaking a bad one today!



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