Muting Tabs On Google Chrome

In a previous post, we explained that you can mute your tabs on Google Chrome with a simple press of the speaker. However, I stumbled upon a way to do  the same thing that doesn’t involve going to the developer level of Chrome.

I noticed a video start playing while I was on a website, and didn’t bother to scroll down the screen to see what was playing. Rather, I saw the speaker icon pop up in the tab.


I thought that I could mute the sound by simply clicking on the speaker in the tab, but nothing happened.  However, when I right clicked the tab, I had a menu pop up, and the option to Mute Tab.


After clicking that option, the speaker had a line through it and the sound was muted, but only for that tab.

Either way works, but rather than having to go deep into the Chrome settings, I can make one extra click to accomplish the same thing.

~ Audra

2 thoughts on “Muting Tabs On Google Chrome

    1. The speaker will only show up if the tab is playing sound of some sort. This is only in Chrome, I am not sure if this is an option in other browsers, such as Firefox or IE.

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