Streaming Services: Part 2

As part of our ongoing series about what it takes to cut the cord, we’ve covered what you need to consider before cutting off cable and satellite service, what types of equipment you’ll need, and two of the most popular streaming services.

But there’s still a lot to know. Yesterday we looked at Netflix and Hulu, two of the most popular streaming services. Today we’ll check out Amazon Prime Video and Sling TV, as well as streaming app dedicated to CBS network programming.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video service includes thousands of movies and TV shows, as well as access to Amazon Prime Music and the Kindle Owners Lending Library. It costs $99 a year. Originally the service was designed for use on Kindle Fire tablets, but you can now get the video app for your mobile devices and streaming boxes.


Add-on Subscriptions to Showtime, Starz and 28 other services are also available.  Showtime  and Starz cost $8.99 a month, while Comedy Central Stand-Up Plus and the Lifetime Movie club run $3.99 per month. Unlike other streaming services, you can also rent or buy programs not included in your subscription.

Amazon Prime video offers original shows like Transparent, The Man In The High Castle and Mozart in the Jungle. It also features program libraries from PBS, CBS and FOX and a large library of Children’s programming.

With a purchase of a Kindle Fire Tablet or Fire TV device, you’ll get a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video is available for Roku and, of course, Amazon Fire TV. You can stream it to your TV from your mobile device or PC with Apple TV and Chromecast.


SlingTV differs from the other streaming services in that it allows you to stream live network programming to you TV or mobile device.  The basic “Best of Life TV” package runs  $20 per month and includes EPSN, Food Network, A &E, CNN, Disney, TNT, HGTV and Lifetime.

Unlike the on-demand set-up of other streaming services, this is live TV happening at the same time it airs. You can also add additional sports, kids, movie and Spanish-language channel packages for an addition $5 monthly each. HBO is available for an additional $15 monthly.


No major broadcast networks are included in these packages. You can only watch SlingTV on one device at a time and there will be commercials in the programs. You’re seeing what everyone watching over the air sees.  There is some capability to pause or rewind programs. You are also able to watch programs that have aired within the past few days.

SlingTV works with Roku, Fire TV and Android and can be streamed with from other devices using Apple TV or Chromecast.

CBS All Access

If you’re a fan of CBS programming, you may wish to look into CBS All Access. It offers the ability to watch CBS network programming live and to stream episodes on demand the day after they air.  Around 7,500 episodes are available in the on-demand library.


This is one app that will actually allow to watch local TV news and sports broadcasts in many areas. You will have to check online to make sure your region is included.  The service costs $6 per month. You can get a free one-week trial to see if you like it.

This service is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and can be cast to Google Chrome.

We’ll look at additional services in future articles.

~ Cynthia

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