Amanda’s usually the one on hand with a great site for you, but unfortunately she’s dealing with the loss of a beloved dog today and couldn’t get today’s CoolSite finished in time. So, I thought I’d step in and share one of my favorite sites.

Like Amanda, I also love to read and, obviously I’m also a writer. What I especially love to read (and also write when I’m not answering tech questions) is mysteries. One of my favorite writers is Laurie R. King. She writes a series of mysteries based on Sherlock Holmes and his partner in crime-solving and life Mary Russell.  One of my favorite parts about the character is that there’s a blog plus social media accounts written in first person by the character.

When you go to the home page, the first thing you see are the blog posts, which are sometimes infrequent, but really fun to read. My favorite parts are the links on the far right, which take you to the Mary Russell Twitter account and allow you explore the world in which the character exists. There’s a character timeline and links to articles that explore the place of women in post-WWI society. You can also visit Ms. King’s blog where she keeps you up to date on what she’s writing and talks about her life.

~ Cynthia