In The News 01-29-16

Google Pays $1 Billion To Stay On iPhone

Google may be Apple’s chief competitor when it comes to selling mobile operating systems, but they are certainly a help to Apple’s bottom line. Apple boss Tim Cook has accused Google’s ad-based operation of invading the privacy of users, but that didn’t stop him from making a whole lot of money from it. According to court documents, the company paid Apple $1 billion to keep the Google search bar available on the iPhone.


That payment came in the form of a deal that gives Apple a percentage of the revenue Google earns from iPhone and iPad users.  Apple’s taking a hefty percentage too, reportedly one third of the revenue generated. Of course that would mean that Google has raked in $3 billion from iPhone and iPad users, so it’s a sweet deal for both companies.

Trump Says He’ll Make Apple Manufacture At Home

Controversial statements are nothing new to for Donald Trump, but his most recent promise caught the attention of the tech world.


Trump promised that if he were elected, he would make Apple start “building their damn computers and things in this country instead of other countries.” He proposed a 35% business tax on American companies manufacturing outside the U.S.

While Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world, only a tiny portion of their manufacturing is done in the United States. Like nearly every tech company, their products are mostly manufactured in China.

Making Apple products in the U.S. would likely lead to a higher cost for the product. Would you be willing to pay more for an iPhone or iPad made in the USA? How much more would you be willing to spend? Let us know in the comments.

Amazon To Refund All Hoverboards

Amazon is offering refund to anyone concerned about the safety of hoverboards.  Multiple fires, blamed on over-heating batteries, have been linked to the popular Christmas present.


If you purchased a hoverboard through Amazon and want to return it, contact their customer service department.

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