One of our readers is having password problems:  “Is everyone else having problems with Yahoo?  When I create a new account and password they tell me the password is wrong.  It can’t be wrong I copied it from my written password.  Yet I get the same message.  I have created at least 3 new accounts and the new passwords don’t work.  Has Yahoo been hacked???”


It’s possible that someone has hacked your account, but it’s more likely that you’re having some problems correctly entering your password.

From your question, I’m not sure if you’re able to successfully create your account. If what you’re saying is that you’re attempting to create a new account and it won’t accept your preferred password, it could be that you aren’t meeting the 9-character requirement to create a Yahoo! Mail password.


If what you mean is that you’re able to create accounts, but later not able to log back in to them. Let’s look at some options. First, don’t create a new account when you can’t get into your old one. At least not right away. You end up with multiple e-mail accounts and that can lead to even more password confusion.

When you create your account, make sure you take advantage of the options to add another e-mail address and a phone number, so that if you have issues getting into your account, Yahoo can e-mail or text you a code that will allow you to get in and reset your password.


To get the code, just click “Can’t access your account?” on the Yahoo! log-in screen.


When you say you’ve copied it from your written password, do you mean handwritten or that you’ve copy/pasted it directly from your PC?  At the time you create your password, it’s a good idea to copy/paste it into a note or a password manager to make sure you have it exactly right.

It’s very easy to mistype a password. It happens to everyone. Other culprits when typing in passwords include capital letters and extra spaces at the beginning or end of the password.

Also make sure that your browser is not remembering an old password. Don’t allow the auto-fill to complete a password you’re having an issue with.

I’d also suggest maybe trying a different browser. There may be something going on there where it’s not getting our input correctly.

Also, there’s a secret place you can check in Windows for passwords that you’ve asked your browser to remember. Click here to find out how to check credential manager for your passwords.

To check if someone has actually been accessing your account, you can go to the Recent Activity page.

It will show you a list of when and where your account has been accessed.


Hopefully one of these solutions will make logging into your account a lot easier.

~ Cynthia